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The next installment...

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Sorry I kept you all waiting so long, but it couldn't be helped.  I hope you continue to enjoy Jon and Ashleigh's story.

Beautiful Nightmare: Unexpected Connection


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The next installment of Beautiful Nightmare

Hi everyone,

Sorry its taken so long.  I know I said I would have the start of the next installemnt posted within a few days of this one ending, but I got caught up with life and i've had internet issues.

Assuming that my net will cooperate with me tonight, I will post the first chapter before I go to bed.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Author's Note

Thank you to everyone who read my story.  And thank you to everyone who left me really good commets, I appreciate it.  This was my first attemnt at writing fan fic, and I was really nervous about it to begin with.  But now, I am proud of myself for actually finishing this first installment of Beautiful Nightmare.

That's right, I said first installment.  If you read the epilogue (which you should you would have noticed that Jon and Ashleigh's story is far from over.  I am currently writing it, and hopefully will be posting the first chapter within the next few days.

Thanks again for reading  :)

Epilogue: Consequences

It’s been 3 months.  3 months since the most amazing few nights Ashleigh has ever experienced.  Even though she had fantasised about Jon Bon Jovi for most of her life, she never actually thought that she would get the chance to meet him, let alone get that close to him.  

Her body still tingles with excitement every time she thinks about him.  The words they exchanged, the way his kiss tasted, the feel of his touch and his body against hers.  The memory of that last night she spent tangled in between the sheets with him is etched in her mind, and she will never forget the way he made her feel.

It’s been 2 months.  2 months since the news that Dorothea had filed for divorce from her husband of almost 22 years.  The day that she had found out about Jon’s recent indiscretion was one of the worst days in his life.  
 The news report completely blind sighted him, as he didn’t think Dorothea would be able to find out unless Ashleigh or Richie told someone.  But they kept it to themselves, just like they said they would, it was his own stupidity that got him caught out this time.  

            Jon and his family had just returned home after spending New Year’s together in St. Barts, and life was good.  That was at least until Dorothea had turned on the news that evening to find that he was the main entertainment story.  

Coming into the main house from doing a bit of work in the studio, he found his wife at the front door with their suitcases.  “Are you going somewhere?” he asked confused, surely she would have mentioned this to him before if she was.  

“I warned you Jon, I told you what would happen if you betrayed me again.  How could you do this to me, to us?” she said, tears welling up in her eyes.  “Baby, come here, what are you talking about?” he tried to wrap his arms around her, in an effort to comfort her, but she just pushed him away. 

“Oh don’t even try and cover your ass Jon by pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about, I saw you with my own eyes”.  Now that didn’t make any sense, he thought.  “What do you mean you saw me, saw me doing what?”  

The only time I did something I shouldn’t have was overseas, and she was home here, there’s no way she could have seen me. “Why don’t you go and watch the TV and find out, you son of a bitch” she yelled at him.  Jon was taken aback.  Un-fucking believable, she went and sold her fucking story like the other one did.

 “It’s real nice Jon, to come home after a lovely holiday with you and our children, after you’ve made love to me in our bed this morning, only to turn the news on and see you in the arms of another woman”.  Wait, did she just say ‘seen me in the arms of another woman’?  How could she have seen it?  

His 4 children came down the stairs to the foyer.  “Nice one dad” said Stephanie.  “Yeah dad, how could you?” added Jesse.  Before he had a chance to respond, Dorothea was ushering them out of the house.  “Let’s go kids.  Say goodbye to your dad”.  

Jake and Romeo didn’t really understand what was going on, they obviously thought they were just going on another holiday, so they cheerfully said their goodbyes before heading to the car.  The older two were clearly mad with him, so they just walked out, not bothering to say another word to him. 

 “Dotti, please wait.  Can’t we talk about this?”  he pleaded with her.  “There’s nothing to talk about.  The kids and I are going to stay in the city, don’t bother coming after us.  You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.  Goodbye Jon” she said as she turned away and got into the car.  

Jon watched them drive off the property, feeling numb from what just happened, before heading back inside.  He went straight to the TV to find out exactly what she saw, and sure enough, he was the headlining story on the entertainment news. 

 ‘Jon Bon Jovi, who recently returned home after a yearlong tour with his band ‘Bon Jovi’, has once again proven that he is no saint.  It appears that time away from his wife of almost 22 years, Dorothea Hurley, is just an invitation for him to go out and play the field.  Earlier this afternoon a video surfaced on You Tube, which has already received over 50,000 hits, claiming to be hotel security footage from an Australian hotel where the band recently stayed...’

The video played before him, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  “Fuck it.  I forgot about hat god damned security camera!”  Jon was going to approach the hotel to get the tape from them, in order to prevent it getting into the wrong hands, but he was too distracted by his cat and mouse game with Ashleigh.

 ‘…As you can see in the video, Jon Bon Jovi is clearly identifiable, engaging in sexual contact with an unknown woman in one of the hotel elevator’s before exiting with her.  The hotel in question and those close to Jon Bon Jovi are yet to make any comment, and only time will tell how this latest scandal will affect his family and his upcoming tour.  ‘Bon Jovi’ is due to begin their greatest hits tour in approximately 4 weeks, on February 9 in Pennsylvania.’

 Jon was sad, hurt, and all kinds of pissed off at the same time.  He knew that he had no one but himself to blame for this mess, after all, he made his decision to go along with what Ashleigh wanted.  But he was going to find out who was responsible for that leak, and then he was going to give them all kinds of hell.

It has been 1 month.  1 month since Ashleigh found out the news that she had never expected to hear.  “I don’t understand, that can’t be right, can it?” she was confused.  Surely there was a mistake, the tests have to be wrong.  

“I take it that this wasn’t something you had planned” said Dr. Townsend.  Ashleigh had a shocked look on her face.  “Planned?  Planned?  You told me that this wasn’t going to happen for me.  I had accepted it.  It took me a long time, but I accepted it”.  

Dr. Townsend sighed.  “I actually said that it was highly unlikely, not impossible.  And I think you’re looking at this the wrong way.  You were very disappointed and upset when I gave you that news.  This is a blessing Ashleigh, a miracle even.  You should take some time and let it properly sink in”.

Today is the day.  The day that Ashleigh has finally made the decision to go find Jon, and tell him.  She’s going to get on a plane and fly all the way to Chicago, and she’s going to tell him that she’s pregnant.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica Anne. All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter 12: One night of ecstasy

           Jon stood there for a moment, staring at his discarded ring on the floor amongst their scattered clothes, before looking back up at Ashleigh.  She couldn’t tell what was going through his mind, his bright blue eyes were staring into her green ones.  Maybe I have made a mistake by taking his ring off without his permission.  I hope he doesn’t change his mind again.  

            Before she could say anything about it, he had pulled her in close for another mind blowing kiss.  Their hands were roaming all over each other, feeling every curve on each other’s body within their reach.  Ashleigh wanted him so bad, and Jon was ready to have her.

            Jon pulled her off the table, and clasping her hand in his, he led her the short distance to the bedroom.  As they reached the foot of the bed, without any warning, Ashleigh gave him a not so gentle shove onto the bed.  He had barely processed hitting the mattress before she had climbed on top of him and pinned him down.

            “In the bedroom, I’m the one in control” she said, looking down at him with a wicked grin plastered on her face.  Like hell you are!  He thought to himself, as he overpowered her and pinned her down instead.  “You don’t really think I’d let you get away with that do you?” he chuckled in her ear whilst he lightly bit her neck.

            Ashleigh struggled underneath him, but with his weight on top of her and the tight grip he had on her wrists above her head, she couldn’t move an inch.  “What’s the matter baby, you can’t get free?” he laughed.  “You know what smartass.  If I was in control, you’d be buried inches deep inside of me already!  But no, you’re too busy fucking around instead of fucking me!” she said sarcastically.

            The second those words had flown out of Ashleigh’s mouth, Jon thrust his cock inside of her, forcing the air out of her lungs.  “You mean like that?” he grinned at her.  “Oh God Yes!” she moaned, throwing her head back against the pillow.

            Jon moved in and out of her, slowly and gently, teasing her, and savouring the feel of her slick walls against his ridged length.  “More Jon, I want more” she begged.  As Ashleigh withered underneath him, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, inviting him deeper inside of her, begging him to thrust harder.  “Please, more.  I want it all, I want it harder” she cried out.

            Letting go of her wrists, Jon moved his hands down her body to grip onto her hips, and began pumping into her as hard as he could.  “Yes Jon…oh god…don’t stop” she said between breaths.  His breathing became rapid, and he groaned as she tightened her muscles around him.  “God-damn-it Ashleigh.  You feel so fucking good” he mumbled into her shoulder as he nibbled at it.

            Taking advantage of the hold she had on him with her legs around his waist, Ashleigh rolled them back over again.  Not happy that she took his control away, Jon tried to flip her onto her back again, but she used all the strength she had to try and keep him there.  “Please Jon, I want to ride you, I want you to watch me” she begged.

            Surrendering to her plea, he laid back and watched her as she begin to move on top of him.  Her movements were slow and first, gliding herself up and down his cock.  Jon reached up to fondle her breasts, before moving his hands down lower to grip onto her hips as he thrust upwards with her, finding a rhythm together at a faster pace.  

Ashleigh arched her back, as she felt herself getting closer to her orgasm with every movement they made.  Jon sat upright, and pulled her up against his chest, claiming her mouth with his once again.  That man kissed a woman like he owned her completely - making them at his mercy, and Ashleigh would have done just about anything he wanted at that moment.  

Pulling away from the kiss, Jon latched onto her neck and sucked hard enough to mark her, cause tonight – she was his.  As Ashleigh repeatedly slammed herself down on his cock, she dug her nails deep into his back, and raked them down into his skin.  “Jesus Christ, you trying to rip me to pieces, fuck!” he said as he let go of her neck.  She was enjoying the feeling he was giving her too much to even acknowledge what he said.  “Come with me Jon, come with me now” she moaned.

Jon didn’t have to be told twice.  Forcing her onto her back yet again, he began thrusting into her as hard as he possibly could, making the bedhead to hit the wall with every motion he made.  Her moans of pleasure become louder and louder as she clenched her walls around his length again, setting of his release.  “Oh Fuck” he groaned, “God that was good”.  

“Mmm, it was really good” she giggled.  He looked down into her eyes, and couldn’t help but think that she looked so beautiful in that moment.  Her long blonde hair was splayed out all over the place, and she had a smile that lit up her whole face.  After kissing her lips one more time, he collapsed on the bed next to her, where they both drifted off to sleep. 

They had gone for round 2 sometime during the night, after Jon had woken Ashleigh when he went to get a drink of water, before once again succumbing to sleep wrapped around each other.  It amazed him how much she turned him on, that he could want another woman in his bed, and how comfortable he was with her.  

The sunlight drifting in through the blinds early the next morning woke him, and the woman who was tangled in between the sheets with him only hours earlier was gone.  Sitting up, Jon saw that his clothes from the night before had been neatly placed on the chair near the window, and that his bed wasn’t completely empty.  Left on the pillow next to him was a note, and his wedding ring.

Thank you for the memories.  I will never forget what we shared.  Ashleigh  x.  A smile formed on his face, as he replayed their short time together in his mind.  Neither will I.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica Anne. All Rights Reserved.